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  • Each and every tournament I will check with each player to make sure that they have their lunch, their jacket, and a pen or pencil depending on the game.  If the game is a cube game (Onsets, Ling, or equations) then a pencil is fine.  However, if the game is a reader game (Propaganda, Presidents, or World Events) then a pen is a must so that erasing can not happen.  The pen must be a blue or black ink pen.  It can not be any other color.  Finally, come with a good attitute, ready ot have fun, a willingness to learn and meet new people. 



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  • Many students ask me which games they should play.  This is a hard questions because it is a personal preference as to which games are your favorites or even which games you are really good at.  I always encourages students to play all the games their first year so that they can learn the rules and strategies of all the games, and then they can determine which games are for them to play.  The games that we will practice after school are the following: 

    Onsets - this is a math set theory game - Practice will be September and October with the tournament in October.

    LinguiSHTIK - this is a grammar game - Practice will be October, November, and December with the tournment in December.

    Equations - this is a math game - Practice will be December, January, and February with the tournament in February.


    There are three other games that if you wish to play you will need to practice on your own.  I will give you the materials, but we just don't have time to practice them during our two hours a week.  If you wish to play these games, you will practice at home and then I will give you a quiz.  You must pass the quiz with a 70% or better in order to miss school for the day and attend the tournament.  These practice on your own games are the following.

    Propaganda - this is about techniques of persuasion.

    Presidents - this game is learning about the presidents of our country.  At the elementary level the presidents are divided into 3 groups which we will rotate through every three years.

    World Events/Current Events - This game changes each year with the theme part of the game but current events will remain current events for the past year.  This is acutally two separate games and you can qualify for nationals by going undefeated in Theme and undefeated in current events. 


    If you are interested in one of these practice at home games, then see Ms. Wishart for a packet or suggestions on how you need to study.

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