Elk County

  • On Friday, September 22nd the Conservation Club students went to Elk County. When we arrived at Winslow Hill we could hear the Elk bugling, but the fog prevented us from seeing the Elk.  We headed down the hill and hiked an access road.  This is where we first got sight of the Elk.  From there we headed to the visitors' center to explore and learn more about the Elk.  A Keystone Elk Country Alliance employee explained how the Elk came to PA and how they track the Elk.  We then met up with a PA Game Commission member.  She told us about an invasive species, Autumn Olive that needs to be removed.  We got to walk through the viewing fields to the back side of the park to do some work.  On the way we heard an Elk Bugle.  A Bull Elk got to within 40 yards of us.  We spent about 1 hour pulling Autumn Olive out.  We ate a quick lunch, then built some Blue Bird boxes.  After we finished, we headed back to Mercer.  Please talk with a Conservation Club member about the experience and how you can get involved.