Vision Statement

  • Mercer Middle-High School provides a nurturing, engaging, and challenging learning environment that enables students to acquire the skills & knowledge necessary to reach their maximum potential and become successful contributors to their community. 


2020-2021 Middle/High School Goals

    • Work with faculty members in all subject/content areas to develop the processes and tools (both formal & informal) that will be utilized to shape instruction in an effort to maximize student achievement & the application of information, focusing specifically on closing any learning gaps associated with school closure during the spring of 2020. Teachers will share daily learning targets with students to allow both parties to focus on daily goals and encourage the development of self-efficacy.

    • Work with the middle-high school teachers to develop and implement instructional strategies & assessments that will improve proficiency levels on open ended, constructive response, and multi step problems.

    • Increase collaboration between faculty members, students, and administration through meetings, discussions, and other opportunities to incorporate educators and students in the decision making process at Mercer Area Middle High School.

    • Continue to promote high standards for academic & developmental growth of students that are enrolled in the Mercer Area Virtual Academy throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

    • Work with middle school staff and 7th grade students to allow for a smooth transition to the Middle/High School. Provide students with information and the opportunity to become involved in the many different sports, clubs, and activities, as well as focusing on academic growth and achievement.