• "Echo" by Pam Munoz Ryan

    Posted by Haley Pears on 1/23/2019 7:00:00 AM

    "Echo" by Pam Munoz Ryan is a great book. It tells about a magical harmonica that passes through generations. The harmonica is given to Otto, a young boy who is playing hide and seek in the forest, by three princesses who are trapped in time. It is then passed onto the son of a harmonica maker, Friedrich, who has a large birthmark covering his face in Nazi Germany. A few years later, the harmonica ends up in the hands of a 12 year-old orphan named Mike in Pennsylvania, who is a talented pianist. A few decades later, Ivy, who is a Mexican-American floutist in California, receives the harmonica and then hands it off to a Japanese soldier. The harmonica later takes a bullet and saves his life! This is a wonderful tale of destiny and friendship. Echo is definitely one of my favorite books.


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  • "Smile" by Raina Telgemeier

    Posted by Chase Allen - 602 on 1/10/2019 10:55:00 AM

    My favorite book of all time is "Smile" by Raina Telegemeier. The book “Smile” is a brief story about a teenage girl, falling on the ground, and losing two teeth. The girl in the story had to get two fake teeth and the braces and she hated both of them. A big reason why I like the book is because it’s fun to read because it’s kind of a comic. “Smile” is also very addictive to read and a very quick book to read because when I read it, it was done before the day ended. My favorite part in the book is that the girl learns to love herself and find new friends at the end. I think this is the best book of all time and you should definitely read it.

    chase allen

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  • Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan

    Posted by Luke Childers - 602 on 1/10/2019 10:00:00 AM

    Ranger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan was a very well written book. IT was written by the very talented John Flanagan. The story takes place in Araluen, during the 14th century. The main character, fifteen-year-old Will, is an orphan in Redmont Fief. A special day has come for Will and his fellow wardmates called Choosing Day, where they all become an apprentice to a craftmaster or must work as a farmhand. All his wardmates are chosen as apprentices, but when his turn comes, his request to enter Battleschool is turned down. Baron Arald explains that his talents lie in different areas and is chosen by Halt the Ranger to be his apprentice.

    The Rangers are the secret protectors of the kingdom. They are the intelligence group and are specialized in long range weaponry and staying unseen. Will learns the ways of camouflage and being “invisible.” Along the way Will gets his own pony named Tug and a green cloak, meant to help a Ranger stay hidden. In the meantime, Will’s wardmate Horace is in Battleschool, but his life is harsh, and he is bullied by three older cadets. Horace and Will used to be enemies back in Redmont Fief, but that soon changes when Will saves  Horace from a wild, charging boar. In turn Horace saves Will when the three older cadets attack him. Horace fends them off until Halt returns and teaches them a lesson they’ll never forget.

    The time comes for the yearly Ranger Gathering, and at the Gathering Will and Halt learn of the two Kalkara, the Dark Lord of the Mountains of Rain and Night, Morgarath’s ferocious pets. Halt and Will set out to hunt and kill the beatsts. Halt thinks the Kalkara are headed to the Ruins of Gorland, where Morgarath last fought, and he sends Will back to get reinforcements and rendezvous at the ruins. Baron Arald and Sir Rodney leave the castle to help Halt and stop the Kalkara. They find one Kalkara dead, but to their horror they find Halt seriously injured. The Baron and Sir Rodney both get hurt and are about to die when Will shoots a flaming arrow at the Kalkara’s tar covered skin, and it burst into flames. Will then goes on to be a hero throughout the kingdom.

    I strongly encourage you to read this book. It is very well done, and it is very exciting. There are also several books that come after this one. I assure you, once you start reading Ranger’s Apprentice, you won’t be able to put it down.


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  • Mr. Bixby's Last Day by John David Anderson

    Posted by Madeline Jewell - 602 on 1/9/2019 2:15:00 PM

    My favorite book is Ms. Bixby’s Last Day. Last year, when I was in 5th grade, I asked Mrs. Langdon for a great book. She didn’t even hesitate and gave me Ms. Bixby’s Last Day. The first thing I did was read the back of the book as soon as I did I was hooked. That night I hardly slept I just couldn’t put the book down.

    In the beginning of the story the three boys, Christopher (Topher), Steve, and Brand, learned of their teacher’s cancer diagnosis. The boys, along with all other children in their class, plan Ms. Bixby a goodbye party. When the day of the party came the principal of the school rushed in and played a video from their pink haired teacher. Ms. Bixby said she was sorry for missing the party but she was already in the hospital. The boys immediately y jump into action, their plan give their teacher an unforgettable day before she goes to a bigger hospital. At the end in the epilogue it shows a flash back of a few months before Ms. Bixby was diagnosed with cancer. Their writing assignment was what they would do on their last day on earth. Ms. Bixby said she’d want a large McDonalds fry a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and a bottle of a drink from a winery. So the boys go on a quest to retrieve those items. After all three of the boys ,told about their emotional backgrounds the story ends when….actually  I’ll let you read it yourself and you can see how the book ends!


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