In this course, you learn the basic concepts of cybersecurity by leveraging the concepts behind common technologies, such as mobile devices and apps. You also explore the risks associated with how you use email, personal files, and social networking. You broaden your knowledge from a personal system to a networked system. You learn how to assess the value of information security and delve into types of malware. You learn the security vulnerabilities of web services and how to secure an e-commerce site. You learn the technical aspects of a highly networked world and the risks to information we all share. You learn operating system and networking concepts, security frameworks, and packet analysis. You learn the types of malware that can attack systems on a network and how to secure and protect a system against them.  You explore cybersecurity in an applied field. You learn methods of cryptography and practice basic tenets of digital forensics. You will process a crime scene to solve a mystery and explore the possible consequences of crime.

    Cybersecurity Syllabus