• Aevidum Club members posing for a photo in the library.

    Aevidum is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that empowers youth to shatter the silence surrounding depression, suicide, and other mental health issues that teens face. Aevidum, which means “I’ve got your back,” started in a small school in Lancaster, PA after losing a student to suicide and has since expanded to schools across the United States. Aevidum inspires schools and communities to adopt cultures of care and advocacy, encouraging all members to have their friends’ backs. At Mercer, Aevidum is a student-driven club that promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention within our school and community. Aevidum members work together to spread the message, “I’ve got your back,” and show students that they are not alone. If you are interested in joining our mission, reach out to Miss Brown.

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