Mercer Area Virtual Academy (MAVA)

  • The Mercer Area School District recognizes that for various reasons, sometimes the traditional school setting is not the best place for all students to be educated. Our cyber program is flexible and offers all the support parents and students need to tackle the demands of online learning to achieve their educational goals.  We expect the best from our students; that's why we offer effective support to promote their success.

    Mercer Area Virtual Academy students have access to all the services and facilities provided to students attending the regular classroom: guidance services; educational facilities; on-campus tutoring; recreational facilities; athletic opportunities; Mercer County Career Center (10th-12th grade students.)

    Your child's education is the key to their future.  Contact us today to learn more about our supportive and inclusive cyber school program.


    Amanda Simpson
    Mercer Area Virtual Academy Coordinator
    Mercer Middle/High School Assistant Principal
    545 W. Butler Street
    Mercer, PA  16137

    724-662-5104 ext. 17