Department Overview

  • 23-24 Combined Special Education and District Goal

    Goal #1:  Facilitate and Support FAPE in the LRE to grow student achievement K-12

    1.  Administer District-wide Special Education Department/Individual Teacher and Secretarial meetings.  1. To maintain integrity of IEP documents and review student performance in class, progress on IEP goals, and NWEA local assessment data to ensure appropriate and effective accommodations are in place ensuring a continuation of (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment. 2. To provide appropriate teacher/secretarial training for audit preparation in 24-25. 3. Regular teacher/administrator assessment data review.   

    22-23 Elementary School Goal

    Goal #2: Lead and Facilitate Implementation of a multi-tiered integrated system of interventions to improve Student Achievement in the K-6 Elementary School

    1. Implement Multi-Tiered Integrated systems through our Child Study Team (CST) during the 23-24 SY to improve student achievement using research-based interventions matched to the instructional need and level of the students in the elementary school. 
    • Tier 1:  Foundation/Standards aligned for all students.  Standards aligned instruction and school wide foundational interventions are provided to all students in the GE core curriculum. Title One teacher and aide support and CST approved accommodations/modifications.
    • Tier II: Strategic Interventions for SOME Students.  Academics and behavioral strategies, methodologies, and practice designed for some students who are not making expected progress in the standards aligned system. AmeriCorps Interventions: Meet/Greet Checks in AM/PM, small groups and one-on-one intervention.
    • Tier III:  Intensive Interventions for a FEW students.  Academic and behavioral strategies, methodologies and practices designed for a few students who are significantly below established grade-level bench marks in the standards aligned system.  CST Team Members:  Guidance concerns, S/L concerns, Evaluation determination, and administrative level interventions will be addressed personally by CST members according to their area of expertise.  This level would include parent involvement. 


    Goal #3:  Analyze Student Performance NWEA Data in Kindergarten for Determining Effectiveness of Current Interventions.

    1. Collaborate with the kindergarten team to determine the most effective, research-evidenced-based interventions to use in meeting learning needs early-on, to ensure every child coming to school has the best opportunity for long-term academic and behavioral success.


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