Department Overview


    Combined Special Education and District Goal

    Goal #1:  Facilitate and Support FAPE in the LRE

    1.  Facilitate Department, Individual Teacher, and Child Study Team (CST-Elem) meetings, to monitor proficiency/performance on NWEA local assessments and collaborate with staff in the provision of academic and behavioral interventions that support Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) that Mercer Area Schools provide.

    2022-2023 Elementary School Goal

    Goal #2: Facilitate and Lead Informative Teacher Focus Groups Designed to Enhance Student Achievement in the K-6 Elementary School

    1. Create and facilitate Teacher Focus Groups through our Child Study Team (CST) in the fall, winter and spring to develop and provide interventions to all elementary students for addressing learning gaps in the LRE.

    Goal #3:  Contribute to the Implementation of Successful Early Interventions that would Support Improved Student Performance and Attendance in School. 

    1. Lead research and examination of successful early interventions that would benefit our youngest students both academically and behaviorally and collaborate with educator teams to implementation researched-evidence-based, meaningful interventions to meet learning needs early-on.

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