PIAA Athletic Forms

  • PIAA Physical Form (Sections 1-6)

    Prior to any student participating in Practices, Inter-School Practices, Scrimmages, and/or Contests, at any PIAA member school in any school year, the student is required to (1) complete a Comprehensive Initial PreParticipation Physical Evaluation (CIPPE); and (2) have the appropriate person(s) complete the first six Sections of the CIPPE Form. Upon completion of Sections 1 and 2 by the parent/guardian; Sections 3, 4, and 5 by the student and parent/guardian; and Section 6 by an Authorized Medical Examiner (AME), those Sections must be turned in to the Principal, or the Principal’s designee, of the student's school for retention by the school. The CIPPE may not be authorized earlier than June 1st and shall be effective, regardless of when performed during a school year, until the next May 31st.

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  • PIAA Recertification by Parent/Guardian (Section 7)

    Please complete this form before patricipating in any additional sport occurring after the initial physical was turned in. This form must be completed not earlier than six weeks prior to the first Practice day of the sport(s) in the sports season(s) identified herein by the parent/guardian of any student who is seeking to participate in Practices, Inter-School Practices, Scrimmages, and/or Contests in all subsequent sport seasons in the same school year. The Principal, or the Principal’s designee, of the herein named student’s school must review the SUPPLEMENTAL HEALTH HISTORY. If any SUPPLEMENTAL HEALTH HISTORY questions are either checked yes or circled, the herein named student shall submit a completed Section 8, Re-Certification by Licensed Physician of Medicine or Osteopathic Medicine, to the Principal, or Principal’s designee, of the student’s school.



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  • PIAA Recertification by Licensed Doctor (Section 8)

    This form is required, before a student can return, after they have been deemed unable to participate and after completion of medical treatment due to illness or injury.

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  • PIAA Minimum Wrestling Weight (Section 9)

    This form is required prior to participating in intersholastic wrestling. 

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  • Permission for Treatment Form

    Sharon Regional Health System’s Sports Medicine Services has been contracted to provide sports medicine services for Mercer Area School District athletes.

    Should an athlete become injured at a Mercer Area School District sanctioned activity where arrangements have been made to have certified athletic trainers on staff from Sharon Regional Health System present, the certified athletic trainer(s) will provide basic emergency first aid care services and screen the athlete for further treatment or referral to a physician.

    Should a medical emergency occur, we will make every effort to contact you about treatment for your son or daughter. In the event that you cannot be contacted, we ask that you give us permission to provide emergency medical treatment.

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