Department Overview

  • The Mercer Area School District will provide transportation to all qualifying students in accordance with all State guidelines and mandates. Students will be assigned to both a specific bus and bus stop. All students are only permitted to ride the bus to which they have been assigned and must get on and off the bus at their assigned stop. The only exception is in the case of extreme emergency, approval of which may be granted by the building principals. Such situations may include serious family illness or death. Request to ride alternate buses for reasons such as visiting a friend, relative, or various student lessons will not be granted.



Transportation Delay Info.

    Bus delays happen due to weather, mechanical issues, etc. The Transportation office will send out notices on delays through an account with "".  If you would like to receive these messages please follow the instruction below to sign up and receive a text when a bus is running behind schedule.  A notice is usually only sent when a bus is over 10 minutes behind schedule.


    • Go to
    • Enter 16137 in the Search Box
    • Find the Group - "K-12 Bussing Mercer Schools"
    • Enter the cell phone number or email address and check the box to accept terms.





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